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Startup Blogging: Validate A Business Idea and Build Your Audience [BOOK]


This book is based on my journey as a blogger, writer, founder and parent to date.

It's intended to help you solve real problems, for real people and focuses on:

  • designing a blog around your values, interests and time commitments;
  • creating content, sharing your ideas and seeking feedback; and
  • defining what you offer, your ideal customer and launching your Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

It aims to help current and aspiring creatives, freelancers, bloggers, flexible workers, business owners and side hustlers with limited time.

This book is not designed for people who have an existing business and want to create a blog as a menu item on their website to drive traffic, otherwise known as content marketing.

You're going to be learning about how I've done the reverse–starting a blog, maintaining it through multiple iterations and big life changes. Over time, I've used it to test business ideas based on my original content and conversations with people around the world.

What started as an online expat travel diary and a means for me to remain connected with family and friends abroad, turned into:

  • media requests;
  • guest speaking opportunities;
  • connecting with strangers;
  • advocating for issues I'm passionate about;
  • validating business ideas;
  • creating a growing community; and
  • making a positive impact.

This is the magic of getting your ideas out of your head and into the world!

By the end of this book, you'll have a clear idea of:

  • what themes your blog will focus on;
  • how and when you'll create original content;
  • who your ideal customer is and how you'll reach them; and
  • what solution you'll offer, launch and test.

Startup Blogging: Validate A Business Idea and Build Your Audience contains links to resources and templates to help you work through the exercises and action items mentioned in the book. 

The book has been carefully edited to focus on making it more digestible and actionable, encouraging you to start now and test your ideas over the coming months.

Get ready to Startup Blogging: Validate A Business Idea and Build Your Audience!


Feedback from workshop attendees:

“I liked that the focus was on organic development of community and ideas instead of just social media marketing. I also like the periodic questions to consider what I wanted to do with the information.”

“Enjoyed the ideas for how to share your message or find out what resonates with people.”

“I love Amy’s generosity with sharing her knowledge and experience. Really great session.”

"Lots of useful ideas for starting and growing an audience.”

“(I enjoyed) the personal experiences of the presenter, interaction with audience, resource materials and focus on doing things for passion rather than just for money.”

“The topic is very interesting and well presented.”

“Very inspiring.”


Over the past decade, I've negotiated remote work arrangements, freelance client work and validated business ideas, in between living and working in Canada, Europe and Australia (and having three kids).

I've been working in flexible and remote work roles since 2014, spanning the business, technology, education, arts and creative industries, as both an employee and a freelancer/contractor working locally and across 10 hour+ time differences.

I started a travel blog as a means to document my travel, work–and later parenthood–experiences as an expat from 2010–2017, and have been featured as a guest expert, speaker and writer on travel, flexible and remote work since 2015.

I've been bringing my children into business settings since becoming a parent in 2016 and after getting frustrated by a lack of inclusive corporate spaces and programming for primary caregivers, I started producing parent-friendly professional development events, digital resources and news.

My flexible work movement has been named one of Canada's Top 100 Recovery Projects in 2020 by Future of Good, a Startup Canada Community and Ecosystem Partner in 2021 and a Running Remote Community Member since 2022 – you can learn more about that here:

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